About Hovy Reward Solutions

Hovy Reward Solutions partners with companies that operate globally or in multiple countries to align reward strategy with business strategy at global, regional and country level.

Organisations with employees in several countries face the continual challenge of balancing global reward strategy with local legislation, tax, culture and employee preferences. Hovy Reward Solutions collaborate with key stakeholders to develop distinct reward strategies using a pragmatic methodology and a comprehensive market analysis framework.

Hovy Reward Solutions services include design and implementation of global, regional and country-specific total rewards, compensation, benefits, inter-country market analysis and competitiveness. A cornerstone of the company is end-to-end rewards training: from analysis to strategy and from remuneration component to global total rewards.

These services are offered through consulting, training or interim executive appointments.

Maureen Hovy, Founder and Consultant, has a strong track record of helping organisations strategize global and regional rewards, analyse compensation and benefits, and strengthen reward competencies of HR professionals and business. She is recognised by WorldatWork, The Total Rewards Association with more than 65,000 members and subscribers worldwide, as partner in designing and presenting courses in global reward analysis frameworks, strategy and design.