Hovy Reward Solutions offer consulting services in

  • Design and implementation of global, regional and country-specific total rewards
  • Optimising global remuneration and benefit design and local employee preferences
  • Local and global compensation strategy design and delivery
  • Regional and country specific-benefit strategy
  • Incentives and commissions
  • Single country or inter-country market analysis, and
  • Competitiveness


A cornerstone of the company is end-to-end rewards training: from analysis to strategy and from remuneration component to global total rewards. Hovy Reward Solutions offer in-house workshops and public training courses on

  • Global Rewards
  • Total Rewards
  • Strategic reward communication
  • Inter-country compensation/remuneration and benefit analysis
  • Effective transition from Human Resource Generalist to Reward Specialist
  • Benefits fundamentals for Compensation Specialist and Compensation fundamentals for Benefit Specialists

These courses are tailored for the participant group: reward professionals, human resources managers or business leaders.

The following courses are presented in partnership with WorldatWork

Global Rewards Analysis – A Framework for Success (click here)

Global Rewards Strategy and Design (click here)

Interim executive appointments

We are available to take on part-time interim executive appointments. An experienced, solutions driven consultant could support your company’s strategic reward transitions and ongoing delivery through

  • Leading change while your in-house team is taking care of current reward initiatives or directing current initiatives while the in-house team is leading change
  • Director-level appointments in weekly or monthly segments to manage the compensation /remuneration and benefits functions
  • Leading or directing your team when you are short-staffed
  • Cost-effective, tailored retainer services